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Advice for groups and dancers

These are basic tips but we want you to let your imagination run wild - wow the crowd!

If you are walking and/or dancing in the parade (without a float)

We encourage you to be as colourful and vibrant as possible
Think about outlandish costumes and dances and have some great music if you can

Think Notting Hill!

Consider having a mini float. This could be a hand drawn trailer or trolley, all decorated with flowers

Health and safety
Minors (schools etc) should be supervised at all times in accordance with your guidelines. Your marshals should walk alongside the group and will need to wear hi-viz vests. ID cards on lanyards would be good but not required


The theme is Spalding through the eras, so your performance should be based on an era. Below we have listed some ideas of things that would be instantly recognisable from the eras:


The Charleston, Jazz, Mickey Mouse, Votes for women, movie making


Bonnie & Clyde, gangsters, Wizard of Oz,



Wartime, Spitfires, tanks


Colour TV invented, the Space Race, Elvis


Flower Power, mini skirts, The Beatles, hippies, space landing,


Star Wars, Magic Roundabout, space hoppers, Jaws, Dusty Bin (321),


Disco, Saturday Night Fever, Rubiks Cube, Pacman,

What you need to do
Space in the parade is limited so it's first come first served

You need to contact us and reserve a spot as soon as possible

We will need to know your theme and approx. how many people will be in the group

For groups travelling on floats/trailers
All trailers carrying persons need to have hand rails all the way round
Seated persons require lap belts fitted to seats
Each float will require marshals walking alongside (we have some volunteers)

We will need to know in advance to reserve any tulip heads you require

Ideas to spark your imaginations, based on eras

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