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Spalding Flower Parade

The Spalding Flower Parade of 1974 had the theme 'Wildlife in flowers'

Penningtons won best dressed window.

Miss Tulipland was Claire Parker and deputy was Susan Hawley.

Janet Robinson rode on the Lingarden float.

A float was entered by the newly formed 'South Holland District Council'.

It rained throughout the parade.



The 1974 Spalding Flower Parade left the Sir Halley Stewart field at 2.00pm and consisted of 40 entries:

  1. Police escort

  2. Breakdown vehicle

  3. Melton Mowbray Tally-Ho Band

  4. Police escort

  5. Miss Tulipland 1974

  6. Coventry School of Music Corps of Drums

  7. World Wildlife entered by the Lowland Bulb Company

  8. Noah's Ark entered by the Young Farmers

  9. Royal British Legion Band

  10. New Life entered by South Holland Council

  11. Butterflies entered by the NFU

  12. Dagenham Girl Pipers

  13. The Garden of Eden entered by Edenlite

  14. Flora of Spring entered by Lingarden

  15. Give flowers, make friends entered by Flowers and Plants Council

  16. Wallsend Rising Sun Legionnaires

  17. Birds of Paradise entered by British Sugar

  18. golden Splendour entered by Pinchbeck Haven of Happiness Lodge

  19. Dumbo on Parade entered by Horticultural Marketing Services

  20. The Power Savers entered by CIS Insulation

  21. Breakdown vehicle

  22. Derby Serenaders Band

  23. It's a wild life entered by Harlock & Co

  24. Lochness Monster entered by Barclaycard

  25. Melton Mowbray Toy Soldiers Carnival Band

  26. Coral Fishes entered by West Pinchbeck Village

  27. The busiest worker in the world entered by National Union of Agricultural Workers

  28. 13th Coventry Scout Group

  29. The tiger entered by Midland Bank

  30. Flamingo entered by Ford Tractors

  31. Romford Drum & Trumpet Corps

  32. The blue whale entered by Geoff Adams

  33. Spring Bustle entered by Geest

  34. Hadleigh Boys Band

  35. Veteran cycles

  36. Watch the zebra crossing entered by Lincolnshire Police

  37. Braintree Marching and Concert Band

  38. The Virginian entered by John Player

  39. The easier gardening guide entered by Hortico Ltd

  40. Breakdown vehicle

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