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Spalding Flower Parade

Miss Tulipland for 1969 was 20 year old Judy Smith of Moulton. Judy was married to Mr Christopher Smith and she was a keen athlete and dressmaker.

The deputy Miss Tulipland for 1969 was Jane Hazeldine of Westbury House, Pinchbeck. She worked in the Spalding branch of the Trustee Savings Bank.

Part of the prize was a trip to take part in the flower parades in Germany and Jersey.

The parade took place on Saturday 10th May and left the Sir Halley Stewart playing field at 2.15pm

The 1969 Spalding Flower parade consisted of:

  1. Police escort

  2. Breakdown vehicle

  3. The Regimental Band of the Grenadier Guards

  4. Heralds to the Queen entered by the Gleed Girls School

  5. Miss Tulipland

  6. Lazy Bands entered by the Gleed Boys School

  7. Fun at the Fair entered by George Adams & Sons

  8. The Derby Serenaders Band

  9. St George & The Dragon entered by Lowland Bulb Company

  10. Golf Leaf entered by John Player & Sons

  11. South Lincolnshire and Peterborough Vintage Motor Cycle Club

  12. The Trumpets and drums of the 13th Coventry Scout Group

  13. My Fair Lady entered by Flowers & Plants Council

  14. One Jump Ahead entered by Ground's Transport Services

  15. Wales entered by Moulton Chapel County Primary School

  16. Donkey and trap

  17. Witches' Ride entered by Syndicate of Growers from Long Sutton

  18. Long Sutton & District Vintage Cycle Club

  19. Light entered by South Lincolnshire Toc H

  20. Stewarts and Lloyd's Ltd Recreation Club Pipe Band

  21. Scheherazade entered by the British Sugar Corporation

  22. Speedy entered by Spalding Gleed Boys School

  23. Maypole entered by West Pinchbeck Village

  24. Spalding British Legion band

  25. Happy Progress entered by Spalding Chamber of Trade

  26. Wander Bug entered by Gleed Boys School

  27. Herald of Spring entered by Messrs. Stassen Ltd

  28. 150th Anniversary entered by the Spalding Congregational Church

  29. Romford Drum & Trumpet Corps

  30. Ebony Horse entered by Geest Industries

  31. Dream Cottage entered by Spalding Gleed Boys School

  32. The Old Woman Who Lived in a Shoe entered by Young Farmers

  33. The Staveley Works Band

  34. Lock, Stock & Barrel entered by Pinchbeck Village

  35. Boston Veteran Bicycle Club

  36. St. John's Ambulance Brigade Band, Bourne Division

  37. The Mermaid entered by Spalding Bulb Company

  38. Jam Buttery entered by Spalding Gleed Boys School

  39. Spalding Salvation Army Citadel Band

  40. The Busy Workers entered by National Union of Agricultural Workers

  41. Early Bird entered by Gleed Boys School

  42. 1935 Leyland Fire Appliance

  43. Peterborough Highland Band

  44. Breakdown vehicle




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