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Spalding Flower Parade

The 1961 Spalding Flower Parade theme was 'Fairy Tales in Flowers'

The Tulip Queen was Nora Woods. Deputies were Megan Reed and Davina Renoden

The parade consisted of:

  1. Police escort

  2. Civil Defence Wireless van

  3. Peterborough Highland Band

  4. Glen Garage

  5. The Old Woman Who Lived in a Show entered by Snowdrop Nursery

  6. Snow White entered by Stassens Ltd

  7. Fish & Chips entered by the Potato Marketing Board

  8. Guinness entered by Guinness & Son

  9. Swineshead Silver Band

  10. The Snow Goose entered by Smedleys Ltd

  11. Humpty Dumpty entered by P van Emmerick

  12. The Coal man entered by National Coal Board

  13. Cinderella entered by P.Buschman Ltd

  14. Mary, Mary, Quite Contrary entered by Spalding Young Farmers

  15. Sleeping Beauty entered by Elsoms

  16. Flowers Speak from the Heart entered by Interflora

  17. Bradford Victoria Band

  18. The Geisha Girl entered by Spalding Judo Club

  19. The Tulip Queen, Miss Nora Woods

  20.  Civil Defence

  21. Daisy Belle entered by Spalding Cycle Club

  22. Ding Dong Bell entered by Groom Brothers Ltd

  23. Spalding Vespa Club

  24. Tomato & Cucumber Marketing Board

  25. H Leverton & Co Ltd

  26. Old King Cole entered by Lowland Bulb Company

  27. Grimethorpe Colliery Band

  28. National Savings entered by Spalding Savings Committee

  29. Madame Butterfly entered by Adrian Geomans Ltd

  30. Jesus Bids Us Shine entered by Spalding Sunday School Union

  31. Peter the Piper entered by Farrow & Sons Ltd

  32. The Butterfly entered by Holbeach Young Farmers

  33. Ride a Cock Horse entered by Machin's Transport

  34. The Land Princess entered by National Union of Agricultural Workers

  35. The Cosy House entered by Coal Utilization Council

  36. Arabian Nights entered by Geest Industries

  37. Civil Defence

  38. Breakdown vehicle


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