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Spalding Flower Parade

The 1967 Spalding Flower Parade took the theme 'Beauty in Flowers'

The parade consisted of:

  1. Police Escort

  2. Breakdown vehicle

  3. Parade Control Vehicle

  4. The Peterborough Highland Band

  5. The Tulip Queen

  6. The Tortoise Brings Home The Goods entered by Ground's Transport Services

  7. A Load of Beauty entered by Messrs. Stassen

  8. Donkey & Trap

  9. Keep Smiling entered by the National Union of Agricultural Workers

  10. Hatched, Matched & Despatched entered by Pinchbeck Village

  11. King of Bulbs entered by Messrs. Groom Bros Ltd

  12. Spalding Salvation Army Citadel Band

  13. Fifty Years of Safety entered by Boston Borough Road Safety Committee

  14. 1935 Leyland fire appliance entered by R Mason of Crowland

  15. Spalding British Legion Band

  16. Parade control vehicle

  17. United States 3rd Airforce Band

  18. Frolic & Fun entered by George Adams

  19. The World Cup Winners entered by Lowland Bulb Company

  20. Cleopatra entered by British Sugar Corporation

  21. For the faith entered by the St. John's Ambulance Service

  22. Sun and Frolics entered by the Gleed Girls School

  23. Sixty Years of Scouting entered by Spalding & District Scouts Association

  24. Pony & Trap

  25. Trades Fair entered by Spalding Chamber of Commerce

  26. Beauty of Spring entered by Syndicate of Growers, Long Sutton

  27. Veteran cars

  28. Stewarts and Lloyd's Recreation Club Pipe Band

  29. Parade control vehicle

  30. Romford Drum & Trumpet Corps

  31. The Splendour of Spring entered by Geest Industries

  32. Beauty and Pleasure entered by M Glessler General Engineers

  33. Cinderella's Coach entered by West Pinchbeck Village

  34. Splendour of Colour entered by Spalding Bulb Co

  35. Gold leaf entered by John Player & Sons

  36. The Magic Roundabout entered by Spalding Young Farmers

  37. Ahead Bellamy's Transport

  38. Further Education in Flowers entered by Boston College of Further Education

  39. Long Sutton & District Veteran Cycle Club

  40. Carlton Silver Band

  41. Breakdown vehicle


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