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Be part of the 2023 Parade

The plans for the event are evolving day by day with new additions and attractions, we will keep you informed of our progress here

Want to take part in the parade?

Applications to take part in the 2024 parade are now available. Successful applicants will be notified

Guidelines for decorated floats/vehicles in the parade

The decorated floats will vary in size and range from small trailers to large floats

We have some major contributions from large companies but also smaller floats for small, local companies. These can be small trailers, towed by tractors (we have some vintage tractors volunteered to help)

We will also accept decorated vehicles providing they are decorated to our theme of 'Movies'. This will be strictly enforced

Be as imaginative as you can but we want to see colour, music, animation

Advice and tips for float building can be found here

Classic cars

We will include a wide selection of classic vehicles in the parade, in sections depending on the era. All cars will be on display afterwards at the finish of the parade. Owners can also just opt to display in the arena only if they wish

Vintage tractors and other vehicles

More than welcome. These will be spaced within the parade depending on the era and then displayed in the arena afterwards. Owners can opt to just display in the arena if they wish. We will also require some vintage tractors to pull small trailers

Dance groups

There will be a wide selection of dance groups in the parade, each allocated an era. We want to see stunning costumes, great music and lots of animation

Advice and tips for dancers/schools and groups can be found here

We welcome marching bands of all descriptions, including international entries. You will be making history and might even be on national TV

Schools and local groups

Why not put together a group of youngsters in stunning costumes or uniforms? Get the school children to design costumes based on an era or have them walk alongside a decorated float. Let your imagination run wild and wow the crowds

Terms and conditions for parade entrants:

  1. Vehicles entered must have their own vehicle insurance

  2. All walking groups of children must have adult supervision, with hi-viz vests on

  3. Except in the case of negligence on our part, Spalding Flower Parade cannot be held responsible for any loss, damage or injury caused

  4. It is your responsibility to ensure that vehicles are safe and secure

  5. Maximum width of any vehicle is 12 feet (due to gate width)

  6. Trailers and decorated vehicles will be displayed on the arena after the parade until 19.00hrs

  7. Vehicles can arrive on site on Friday 10th May from 12 noon if required

  8. With the exception of catering facilities, no gas canisters or hazardous materials on site

  9. All accidents, no matter how small should be reported to Event Control, regardless of who is to blame

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