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Spalding Flower Parade

The 1963 Tulip Queen was Miss Rose Crunkhorn

The 1963 Spalding Flower parade consisted of:

  1. Police Escort

  2. Breakdown vehicle

  3. Parade control vehicle

  4. The Regimental Band of the 1st Grenadier Regiment of Foot Guards

  5. The Tulip Queen

  6. Veteran Cars

  7. The Riddings, Somercotes and Leabrooks Silver band

  8. The World of Beauty entered by Margaret

  9. The World of Thrift entered by the Spalding Savings Committee

  10. Guinness Around the World entered by Messrs. Arthur Guinness

  11. Around the World in the SS. Gleedian entered by the Gleed Boys School

  12. The World of Music entered by Grounds Transport Services

  13. The World Under the Sea entered by the Lowland Bulb Company

  14. Parade control vehicle

  15. Spalding & District British Legion Band

  16. St.John's Ambulance Brigade Band

  17. The World of the Romany entered by the Young Farmers

  18. The World of Happy Workers entered by the National Union of Agricultural Workers

  19. Go to Work on a British Egg entered by the Egg Marketing Board

  20. Pigs on Parade entered by the the Pig Industry

  21. The Milky Bar Kid entered by Mr. Pell, confectionery Wholesaler

  22. The Potato Queen and her Court entered by the Potato Marketing Board

  23. The World of Grace and Elegance entered by the British Sugar Corporation

  24. Parade control vehicle

  25. Salvation Army Band of Spalding

  26. Salvation Army Band of Peterborough

  27. The World of Motoring entered by the Spalding Car Club

  28. In the World of Air Cooling entered by A & W Elsey Ltd

  29. Flowers Around the World entered by Messrs. Elsoms

  30. Long Sutton & District Veteran Cycle Club

  31. The World in Space entered by the Spalding Judo Club

  32. The World in Dreams entered by a Syndicate of Growers from Long Sutton

  33. The World of Fiesta entered by Machins Transport

  34. Spalding Cycling Club

  35. Peterborough Highland Band

  36. Stewarts and Lloyds Recreation Club Pipe Band

  37. Secrets of the Sea entered by the Grason Beauty Clinic

  38. The World of Wonderland entered by Geest Industries

  39. The World of the Book entered by the Sunday School Union, Spalding

  40. Springtime entered by Messrs. Stassen Ltd

  41. Breakdown vehicle



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