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Spalding Flower Parade 2003

The 2003 Spalding Flower Parade took place on Saturday 3rd May 2003 and the parade chairman was David Norton. This was the 45th parade and the theme was 'Musicals on parade'.

The Flower Queen was Vicki Gardner and her deputy was Diane Virden.

The parade consisted of:

  1. King Arthur's Knights from the Nottingham Jousting Association

  2. Flower Queen 2003 entered by South Holland District Council

  3. Country Fair road train

  4. Grease entered by the George Farmer Technology College

  5. Wizard of Oz entered by Evolution Flowers Ltd

  6. Jesus Christ Superstar entered by Churches Together

  7. Sailability entered by Rotary Club of South Holland

  8. Breaston Highlanders Band

  9. Oliver entered by The NFU

  10. Baytree Vintage van

  11. Showboat entered by Spalding Young Farmers

  12. Joseph & the Amazing Technicolour dreamcoat entered by Fowler Welch and ACT Theatre Company

  13. Flower Parade Prince & Princess

  14. Breakdown vehicle

  15. Tickets please vintage bus

  16. Chitty Chitty Bang Bang entered by Flower plus

  17. 13th Coventry Scout Group Band

  18. Rotary collection float

  19. My Fair Lady entered by Act Theatre Company

  20. Mary Poppins entered by Geest

  21. Long Sutton & District Vintage Cycle Club

  22. Big band float entered by Spalding Grammar School

  23. Lion King entered by Lions Club of Bourne

  24. Ambassadors of Barrowash band

  25. Breakdown vehicle by Pecks

  26. Cats entered by Fold Hill Foods

  27. Miss Jersey Battle of Flowers 2003

  28. Oliver entered by ACT Theatre Company

  29. Top hat entered by Friends of the Parade

  30. Chinese Dragon from Moulton Chapel Village

  31. Paint Your Wagon entered by South Holland District Council

  32. Starlight Express entered by Springfields Exhibition Centre

  33. Annie get your gun entered by ACT Theatre Company

  34. Caribbean Carnival

  35. Breakdown vehicle


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