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Spalding Flower Parade 2007

The 2007 Spalding Flower parade took place on Saturday 5th May. This was the first year that the parade finished at the Sir Halley Stewart field instead of Springfields. This was the 49th annual parade and had the theme 'Planet Earth'. Barry Drew was the Chairman of the parade and carnival trust.

In March 2007 18-year-old Rebecca Rayner was elected as the 2007 Flower Queen. Joanna Coaton was elected as her deputy.

The parade consisted of:

  1. Breaston Highlanders

  2. Flower Queen 2007

  3. Air waves entered by Tulip Radio, followed by the Tulip Radio car

  4. Global Communications entered by Lincolnshire Tourism

  5. South Holland Rotary Club and Spalding Lions

  6. Long Eaton Militaires

  7. Peter Rabbit's Lincolnshire garden entered by the NFU

  8. Noah's Ark entered by Young Farmers

  9. Fire entered by ACT II Theatre group

  10. Flower Parade Prince and Princess

  11. World Communities together entered by Community Bank

  12. Breakdown vehicle

  13. 100 years on the planet entered by Scout Association

  14. 13th Coventry Scouts Band

  15. Polar Ice entered by Flamingo

  16. Die Apfeltizers Band and dancers

  17. Law and Order entered by Gleed Boys School

  18. Myths and legends entered by SADOS

  19. Rain Forest entered by Bakkavor

  20. Long Sutton & District Vintage Cycle Club

  21. Serving the planet entered by Lions Clubs

  22. Spalding Ambassadors Band

  23. Breakdown vehicle

  24. Wind entered by Shaw Trust

  25. Age of dinosaurs entered by the friends of the parade

  26. South Holland Rotary Collection

  27. Derby Midshipmen

  28. Mother Nature entered by Flowers n' Things

  29. Mexican wave entered by Moulton Chapel Village

  30. Education entered by Polka Dot Arts

  31. Breakdown vehicle

  32. Parade Carnival


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