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Spalding Flower Parade

The 22nd Spalding Flower Parade theme for 1980 was 'The World of Sport'

It took place on Saturday 10th May at 1.30pm

Valerie Whitworth was Miss Tulipland.

George Kingston was the parade Chairman, based at Springfields.

The parade consisted of:

  1. Police horses

  2. Breakdown vehicle

  3. Ely City Military Band

  4. Miss Tulipland 1980 sponsored by South Holland District Council

  5. Score with the Midland entered by Midland Bank Ltd

  6. Trumpets, drums and lyras of the 13th Coventry Scout Group

  7. Young Farmers at play

  8. The world of sport entered by Lloyds Bank

  9. City of Nottingham drum and trumpet corps

  10. Be a winner entered by Lincolnshire police

  11. Long Sutton & District Veteran Cycle Club

  12. With what we've got, we beat the lot entered by Key Markets

  13. Long Eaton Militaires Carnival Band

  14. Over the sticks entered by Trustee Savings Bank

  15. Joy on water entered by the Dutch Flower Council

  16. Derby Serenaders Show Band

  17. C.I.S is Champion in winter entered by C.I.S Insulation

  18. The sky's the limit entered by Geest

  19. Melton Mowbray Tally Ho's Band

  20. Cinderella entered by Leeds Permanent Building Society

  21. To Market - To market entered by National Farmers Union

  22. Romsey Old Cadets Association

  23. Breakdown vehicle

  24. Ladybird, ladybird fly away home entered by Haven of Happiness Lodge

  25. Trumpet & Drums of the 1st Atherstone Scout Band

  26. Steaming into the 80s entered by Lewis's Ltd

  27. The Marching & Concert Band of Braintree

  28. Flowers and forgiving entered by Flowers Publicity Council

  29. Pluto and Dumbo ride again entered by Groom Bros. Ltd

  30. Hasland Drum Corps

  31. Puss in Boots entered by Lingarden Ltd

  32. The genie of the lamp entered by Potato Marketing Board

  33. Hadleigh Marching Militaire

  34. The Muppet Show entered by Geo Adams & Sons



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