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Spalding Flower Parade

The 1960 Spalding Flower Parade theme was 'The Splendour of Spring'

The parade attracted a huge crowd with floats by companies such as Interflora with their giant telephone (carrying Mavis Lewis of Nottingham) and the British Judo Association and the Holland Division of Civil Defence

The final float carried the Tulip Queen. A huge construction in the shape of a peacock. The queen was miss Wendy Smith and she had two attendants, Joyce Burnett and Beryl Haney.

Other entries included:

Spalding Cycle Club

Machins Transport

Goemans Ltd

Motors & Tractors Ltd

Mr. P. Buschman

Elsoms Seeds


potato Marketing Board

Snowdrop Nurseries


Glenn Farrrow

Young Farmers


A kind reader donated this original menu from the Smedley's Annual Dinner (1960)

1960 Smedleys Dinner 1.jpg
1960 Smedleys Dinner 2.jpg
Smedleys 1960 (1).jpg

I am not 100% sure if these photos of the Smedley's float were 1960 or 1959. With a photo of this float appearing in the menu above in January 1960, it makes me think that the photos are from the previous May. Perhaps you can confirm?

Smedleys 1960.jpg
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