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Assets available to hire

Spalding Flower Parade have a range of items available for hire with all fees going to the Flower Parade fund

Ideal for fetes, weddings, carnivals and parties

A full list can be found here:

Traditional games for village fetes, weddings and parties, available for daily or weekend hire


Higher or Lower

This traditional game is great fun for all ages and is so simple, anyone can play. For fetes, it's a great fund raiser. This hand painted game is self-contained and comes with a set of giant playing cards. The game runs with a series of eight cards

Local rental average £10 per day


Golf challenge

Ideal for weddings and fetes, this easy to play game is suitable for all ages. Comes with clubs (adult and child) and golf balls

Local rental average £10 per day



Another traditional game, ideal for fetes and weddings. Hand painted in true vintage funfair style. Comes with rope hoops. A good fund raiser at fetes and suitable for all ages. Set your own rules

Local rental average £10 per day


Buzz challenge

Ideal for weddings and fetes, an old favourite with all ages. Get to the end without the buzzer going off. Self-contained with it's own stand. Battery operated. More difficult than you might think. Can also be used table top as the stand is removable

Local rental average £10 per day


Radio communications

We have a matched set of 24 walkie-talkies. Long range and crystal clear. Some have extended range antennas. Comes as a flight cased set with chargers. Ideal for fetes and galas. Covered by our OfCom licence

Local rental from £40


Portable PA System

A very loud and robust speaker system yet totally portable. Can run on 240V or on internal battery (for approx. 5 hours). Inputs include jack plug and Bluetooth. Comes with microphone. Indoor/outdoor use

Local rental from £40


Petrol generator

The latest, quiet run generator producing 2800KvA

  • Electronic key start

  • Unleaded petrol

  • Full protection

  • 240V and 12V outputs

  • 10 Hours run time on one tank of fuel

  • 8hp engine

Local rental from £40


Stacking chairs

Up to 50 plastic stacking chairs available. Daily or weekend hire. Ideal for all indoor and outdoor events

Local rental average £1 per day each


Crowd control barriers

These interlocking barriers are secure but lightweight and meet all legal requirements. We have up to 250 of them available for any local event. 

  • Galvanized steel

  • 11.5kg each

  • 2.3 metres wide

  • 1.1 metres high


Local rental average £2 per day each


Tulip Toss

A simple yet surprisingly difficult game of hoopla with a flower theme. Floor standing and comes with wooden hoops. Ideal for fetes, galas and wedding parties

Local rental average £10 per day



The very latest electronic bingo machine ideal for clubs, private functions, pubs etc. Easy to use and with large digital display for players. Back up power in case of power failure. We can also supply bingo tickets to match

Local rental average £20 per day


Corn hole

Floor standing traditional game where you toss the beanbags down the corn holes. Comes with 4 bean bags. Can award prizes for just one hole or any hole

Local rental average £10 per day


Tin Can Alley

A self-contained game suitable for adults and children. Easy to play and good for fund raising. Clear all the cans from the shelf using the 3 beanbags included or give prizes depending on the score on the cans. A game of skill, not luck

Local rental average £10 per day

red gazebo.jpg

Pop up gazebos

We have up to 5 of these, 3 x 3 metre gazebos in red. With optional side panels. Each comes with a set of 4 weights. Ideal for parties, fetes and weddings. Fit our fete games well

Local rental £10 per day


Lucky Wheel

This hand made game is of a high quality with smooth action thanks to the bearing mechanism and is painted in traditional fairground colours. A table top game, suitable for all ages and so easy to play. A great fund raiser. Also historically known as the 'Wheel of Fortune'

Local rental £10 per day


Bucket Challenge

A simple game of skill. Get the beanbags in the bucket. Great fund raiser and good fun. Hand painted and complete with beanbags. A freestanding game of skill, not luck

Local rental £10 per day


Darts and cards

Get three separate cards to win. This hand painted game is great for all ages. Free standing but requires a safe area behind as it comes with sets of regular darts

Local rental £10 per day


Splat the Rat

A good old favourite at village fetes. Splat the rat as it appears down the drainpipe. Soft bat included, along with rubber rat. Great for all ages

Local rental £10 per day


Wedding sweet trolley

These are very popular at weddings but most are small, low quality carts. Ours is a large, hand made cart of our own, unique design. It looks impressive. Hand painted in satin white but can be trimmed with ribbons in the colour of your choice. It comes with a wide selection of sweet jars and we can also quote for sweet bags etc. We can also supply it with beautiful LED lighting and personalised signs

Local rental from £80 per day

Included as standard

  • Selection of sweet jars and glass bowls

  • Serving tongues and scoops

  • Sweet bags

  • Heart wedding bunting

  • Ferrero Roche stand (Mr & Mrs)

Optional extras

  • LED lighting

  • Artificial ivy and flowers


Our assets for hire

We can deliver and collect locally for a small charge or items can be collected from Pinchbeck.

All proceeds go to the Flower Parade Fund

Our assets are ideal for;

  • Weddings and garden parties

  • Fetes and galas

  • Carnivals

  • Private garden parties

  • A security deposit is required on most assets but fully refunded after hire

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