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Photographic Competition

'Images of Spalding' is a photographic competition, open to everyone with no age limits

You can submit as many photographs as you wish, the fee being £5 per photo entry

The prize for the best image is £200 and this will be chosen by a panel of judges in April 2023


All images must be your own work and not subject to any copyright restrictions

The subject matter is 'images of Spalding'

Images to be submitted in full resolution, electronic format

It costs £5 per image for your entries

All proceeds will be used in the Spalding Flower Parade Fund

The winner will be presented with the prize on Flower Parade day

The best 30 entries will form a photographic exhibition in Spalding in April/May 2023 and may be featured in the local press

Closing date for entries in 6pm on the 1st May 2023

How to enter

Please send your entry to

Include your name and address with your image

Once received, we will send you details on how to pay for your entry

Remember to send your image in full resolution with no watermark/signature or logo

We will NOT use your images for any other purpose other than promoting this competition or exhibitions relating to this competition

Copyright remains with you

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